Denmark is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe bordering the Baltic and North Sea. The country consists of a large peninsula and many islands referred to as the Danish Archipelago. Neighboring countries include Germany, Norway, and Sweden (1).

Denmark’s natural resources include petroleum, natural gas, fish, salt, limestone, stone, gravel and sand (2). Its economy is structured as followed (in % of GDP): services 79.3%, industry 18.3% and agriculture 2.4% (2016) (9).

Denmark’s agriculture products include barley, wheat, potatoes, sugar beets, pork, dairy products, fish (1). Its industries include iron, steel, nonferrous metals, chemicals, food processing, machinery and transportation equipment, textiles and clothing, electronics, construction, furniture and other wood products, shipbuilding and refurbishment, windmills, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment (1).

Denmark’s top exports commodities include machinery and instruments, meat and meat products, dairy products, fish, chemicals, furniture, ships, windmills (2). Its top imports commodities include machinery and equipment, raw materials and semi manufactures for industry, chemicals, grain and foodstuffs, consumer goods (2).

Denmark’s mains ports and terminals are Aalborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Ensted, Esbjerg, Fredericia and Kalundborg (2).

Trade Statistics
The United States is Denmark's largest non-European trade partner (3). In 2018, United-States was Denmark's 2nd main export partner (10).

Denmark is proud to be one of the America’s closest allies. The close relationship between Denmark and the United States has a long and storied history. Diplomatic relations between our countries date all the way back to 1801. In fact, the United States has not maintained such long and unbroken diplomatic ties with any other country (4).

Trade Numbers

  • United States’ goods import from European Union in 2018: $487,036.7 billion (11).

  • United States’ goods exports to European Union in 2018: $318,376.3 billion (11).

  • United States’ goods import from Denmark in 2018:  8,857.6 million of U.S. dollars (12).

  • United States’ goods exports to Denmark in 2018:  2,589.2 million of U.S. dollars (12).

Export Companies 
Denmark owns 5 companies in Tampa Bay (7)

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