Lanzhou, China


Lanzhou is the capital city of Gansu Province in northwest China. The Yellow River, the Chinese Mother River, runs through the city, ensuring rich crops of many juicy and fragrant fruits (1).

The Gansu province has natural resources including the largest reserves in China for 10 kinds of minerals. In addition, Gansu ranks among the nation’s top five provinces regarding the reserve levels of 34 other minerals. It ranks within the top 10 provinces for another 61 kinds of minerals (2). Gansu per capita land ownership is 26.31 mu, and per capita farmland ownership is 2.71 mu, twice the national average. Mountains and hills account for 78.2 percent of Gansu. The utilization rate of land is 56.93 percent. The unutilized land includes deserts, mountains, rocks, saline soil and swamps, accounts 42.05 percent of the total land (2).

Gansu’s top exports commodities include steel products, aluminum, ferro silicon, nickel, coke, cobalt, sliver, farming products (3). Its top imports commodities include copper concentrate, nickel matte, nickel ore, aluminum, iron ore, cobalt ore, zinc ore, mechanical equipment, electronic products and instruments (3).

Trade Statistics
China is the United States' largest goods trading partner with $659,823.7 billion in total goods trade during 2018 (4).

Trade Numbers

  • U.S. exports to China in 2018 were $120,148.1 billion (4).

  • U.S. imports from China in 2018 totaled $539,675.6 billion (4).

  • U.S. had a trade deficit with China in 2018 of $419,527.4 billion (4).






Keir Magoulas