South Dublin County, Ireland

South Dublin County is the province of Lenster, eastern Ireland (1). The county of South Dublin was created in 1994 when the geographic county of Dublin was split administratively into three separate units. It now constitutes the southwestern and western component of the Greater Dublin metropolitan area (1).

There are 21 secondary schools in Dublin South County along with four colleges, Institute of Technology Tallaght, St. Kevin’s Community College, The Priory Institute, and Kimmage Development Studies Centre (2).

Culture & Tourism
Some top tourist attractions in South Dublin County include, Rathfarnham Castle, Zipit Tibradden Wood, Montpelier Hill and Corkagh Park (3).

Most bus services from South Dublin County are radial services converging on the City Centre. There is just one orbital service, the 76, which links Tallaght, Clondalkin, Liffey Valley and Palmerstown. Only one route, the 239, provides connections to the north, linking Liffey Valley with Blanchardstown via Lucan. There are two orbital services towards the south/ east of Dublin, the 18 and 75, terminating in Sandymount and Dun Laoghaire respectively (4).

Micro enterprises are extremely important in the County, with over 70% of business having under 10 employees and entrepreneurs have extreme resilience with 24% of businesses opening since 2009 (5).

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